Plant Out Gift Tag

All Gourmet Gifts come with a gift tag made using plantable paper embeded with basill or Marigold seeds.

 Plantable paper is a biodegradable handmade paper made with post-consumer materials (waste cotton fabric) and embedded with seeds. When the paper is planted, the
paper decomposes itself into the soil and let the seeds germinate. Within few days the seedlings become plant and bloom into flowers, herbs or vegetables.

      How To Grow Our Gift Tags

Follow a few simple steps and soon you will have basil leaves that you can turn into a fresh Pesto. Going green has never been more delicious!

Step 1. Dampen the seed paper & wrap it inside a wet soft cloth. 

Step 2. Keep the cloth in a plastic bag

Step 3. Place the bag in a warm place

Step 4. Keep the cloth moist till the paper germinates

Step 5. Now grow the paper inside the soil – Add manure for better result.